Shieldok® Clima-Shelter™ Dock Shelter

Designed for Improved Safety and Security and to Protect Merchandise on the Loading Dock
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The Shieldok® Clima-Shelter™ Dock Shelter seals against the outside of a truck at the loading dock when loading and unloading freight. Each model provides unrestricted access to the trailer’s interiors; enabling efficient loading and unloading while keeping out rain, snow and debris. This makes it an ideal solution for tailgate and standard trailers. It has no mechanical or adjustable parts, preventing complications arising from conventional seals and shelters.

Choose from traditional rigid construction or a newer soft-sided style. All units are equipped with safety yellow guide stripes for proper alignment of the trailer.

  • Preserve internal temperatures and protect products from outside contaminants.
  • Support full-trailer access while maintaining a secure seal across the top and sides.
  • Perfect solution for merchandise that needs to be fully accessed by a forklift.
  • Choose from a traditional rigid construction or a soft-sided style.
  • Equipped with safety yellow guide stripes for proper alignment of a trailer.

Rigid Truck Shelter
The lumber for the rigid Clima-Shelter™ Dock Shelter is treated for all weather conditions, and utilizes six support trusses on each side of the shelter in lieu of the standard industry specs of only four. The shelters are designed for lasting strength and durability with added steel angles in every corner of construction. With steel angle brackets and high tear Duroprene vinyl curtains, the rigid truck shelter is sturdy and reliable.

Soft-Sided Truck Shelter
The soft-sided Clima-Shelter™ uses high density foam covered with vinyl in place of rigid wood side frames. This makes for a much more durable shelter, and eliminates the need for the steel protective bumpers. Your facility will be protected from accidental damage in the event of a trailer misalignment. The side curtains are attached with a touch and hold system that allows removal and replacement without tools.

Technical Specifications

  • Accommodates: Carries 12′ to 13′ 5″ high
  • Standard Dimensions: 11′ 6″ W x 11′ H outside to inside
  • Standard Projections: 18′, 24′, 30′, and 42′


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