Shieldok® Clima-Seal™ Dock Seal

Durable, Proven Design
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This Clima-Seal™ is designed to provide an efficient air seal between the truck trailer and the indoor warehouse area. They provide environmental protection and a guide for trucks docking at your facility. With highly durable materials and a proven design, these dock seals resist abrasion under compression, and provide full recovery after compression, even at variable temperatures.

  • Equipped with superior sealing efficiency.
  • Rugged construction to secure dock seal.
  • Innovative head curtain prevents gathering of water and snow.
  • Tough wear pleats improve durability and extend product life.
  • Guards against environmental conditions.

Compression seal may be customized to different projections and tapers to accommodate your dock approach.

Choose from durable 22 oz. (0.624 kg), 40 oz. (1.134 kg) or 50 oz. (1.417 kg) vinyl, 40 oz. (1.134 kg) high tear Duroprene, or 40 oz. (1.134 kg) Hypalon resistance.

Improved Dock Safety
Keeps out rain and snow reducing slip hazard. Ventilation holes provide fast air escape when the truck backs in, and quick recovery when it pulls out. The dock seal is equipped with safety yellow guide stripes.

Technical Specifications

Door Size Verticle Length Common Options
8′ W x 8′ H 8′ 18″ Header
8′ W x 9′ H 9′ 12″ Drop Curtain
8′ W x 10′ H 10′ Curtain Style Header


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