Everline® Fiber-Tek™ Seamless Fiberglass Door and Frame

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Key Features:

  • Impervious, Corrosion-Resistant Fiberglass Panel
  • Composite Urethane Foam Core Material
  • Seamless Fiberglass-Reinforced Structural Joints
  • Seamless Fiberglass-Reinforced Hardware Locations
  • UL-Certified Fire-Rated Door Frame

Major Benefits:


  • Impervious fiberglass technology delivers extreme sanitation and corrosion-resistance in controlled environments.

Advanced Performance:

  • Guaranteed to withstand frequent washdowns and cleaning regiments using harsh chemicals.

Premium Durability:

  • Backed by a lifetime warranty against rotting, warping, peeling, and rusting under the harshest conditions.

General Specifications:


  • Custom


  • 1 3/4″” (44.5 mm) thick

Standard Core Material:

  • Urethane foam

Core Assembly:

  • Stiles and rails are securely bonded to core. 1 1/2″ (38.1 mm) square protruded fiberglass tubes. A polyester-based resin filled with 1/4″ (6.35 mm) chopped glass strands and aerosil is used for reinforcements and corner blocks.

Core Options:

  • End-grain balsa, honeycomb, or mineral core.

UL Approved:

  • 20 to 90-minute positive-pressure fiberglass doors and frames.

Colors and Finishes:

Vision Panels and Louver Options:

Factory installed vision panels and louvers ensure proper glazing materials are used to conform with fire and safety building codes.


Door Glazing Options:


Frame Profile:

Jamb depth: 5 3/4″ (146.1 mm) standard, face dimension 2″ (50.8 mm), custom widths available.


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