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Keep out insects, birds and rodents with a safe and secure barrier while improving sanitation areas and maintaining a controlled environment. The Defendor® Buguard Slide includes heavy-guage, galvanized steel sliding tracks, which work with bearing trolleys for easy opening.

They help organizations meet FDA/AIB requirements, and keep plant facilities cooler by providing 65% more shade, while still allowing daylight in. They can be readily installed on dock doors, dumpster areas, and warehouse openings, and they are ideal for food processing, packaging and manufacturing facilities. The Defendor® Buguard Slide is custom manufactured to accomodate virtually any size opening.

  • Screen doors provide the advantage of ventilation for employee comfort, yet prevents rodents, bugs and birds from entering an area where food, beverages or pharmaceuticals are being packaged or prepared.
  • Ideal where FDA/USDA/OSHA regulations must be considered.
  • These doors maintain sanitation in multiple areas.
  • Screen doors aid in pest control and to control airborne contaminants.

Sliding Door Operation
The single slide door is manually operated and fixed to one jamb and locks to the other. Fixed side is determined from the inside looking out. Optional either side.

Bi-Parting Door Operation
The bi-parting door is manually operated and fixed to both jambs and locks in the center. Nylon cord tieback straps on the fixed sides which keep the screen secure in the open position.

Technical Specifications

  • Operation: Manual slide
  • Size Range: Unlimited width x 15″ H (4572 mm) Unlimited width achieved by pairing of multiple units
  • Panel: Standard: 10 oz. / sq. yd. vinyl coated polyester weave screen material Thread count: 17 x 11 Optional: Fine weave material with thread count of 28 x 11
  • Colors: Black, Blue
  • Tracks / Mounting: Galvanized steel sliding track hardware mounts under the door opening lintel, or on the face of wall
  • Mounting Options: Header mount, 3″ (76 mm) required Face of wall mount
  • Panel Stabilization: Full-height, 11/4″ diameter galvanized steel pipe staffs with integral 5/8″ cane bolt floor locking pins. Pipe staffs are enclosed in high-visibility, vinyl pockets (on inside face of curtain only).
  • Side Room: When bunched, the door material will take up to 1″ per foot wide. Nylon cord tieback straps keep the screen secure in the open position.

Technical Drawing

Single Slide Door
Bi-Parting Door


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